This is a brief history of how the Northwest Theological Collaboration came into being:

The Seattle Association for Theological Education (SATE) started in 1992 under the leadership of Tim Dearborn, Ph.D. With the collaboration of three schools (Fuller, Regent, and Seattle Pacific) and 42 area churches, the first extension MDiv was established in Seattle and theological education became collaborative. See article by Tim from 1996 to catch his vision Preparing New Leaders for the Church of the Future


Ward Gasque, Ph.D. changed the name to the Pacific Association for Theological Education (PATE) to represent the larger scope of concern for the association to include people and schools outside Seattle. Ward developed the Koinos program, a 10 seminar series presenting the major topics of a seminary degree. These were taught by Ph.D. lecturers in their subject area in seminar events. Ward developed a 100 series and started a 200 level series. These were intended to serve the churches in providing quality theological education in local settings for lifetime learners. See article by Ward from 2004 Innovation in Theological Education


Phil Bence, Ph.D. continued PAThS until 2008. He worked with area pastors to continue the Koinos series and developed the Link, an email resource to make visible the events that occurred in the region.


Marty Folsom, Ph.D. took over in 2008. He has had a vision of making the Northwest a destination site for theological education by creating a collaborative theological neighborhood. He has established Dean’s forums in the five hub cities that dominate the region (Vancouver, BC, Seattle, Portland, Spokane, and Boise). This has created personal connections in the neighborhood gathered around a meal and sharing personal and professional stories. With this website, the Northwest Theological Collaboration takes on more visible linking of all those who participate in some way in theological work in the Region.