Gathering for Transformation

Tomorrow is the fifth Dean’s Forum I will lead this Spring. Why should you care? Because connection can change the world and we are forming a neighborhood that desires to change the world for the good of God. But we can do more together than as separated outposts.  The transformation comes not through better programs, but through relationships that connect persons who together become a force for good. One player cannot make a team. But a team that is coordinated together can make a difference on the field and off.

This is a region of innovators. Together we can find the questions that need to be answered to move a world that is fracturing to a world that is a Peaceable Kingdom. We are living into the questions to reverse the sense that answers make the difference. A doctor with answers up front is not as able to help the patient as the one who has a series of good questions to discern, diagnose, and strategize how to plan for health. That is where we are going as a collaboration of diverse voices who each bring insight to the process.

You can support us financially, by giving us good questions, and by praying for wisdom for us in the process.